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Traditional Method of Wine and Cava




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vino vinos cava cava wine wines cavgold capgold



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The traditional method of Cavgold and Capgold, starts with the tirage, the base wine bottling adding the “liqueur de tirage”.

It is a mixture of the corresponding wine, sugar and yeast, to ferment, produce carbon dioxide and characteristic aroma.

The bottles are left to rest in a horizontal position in cellars, in dark and quiet, and at a constant temperature of about The duration of aging is at least nine months.

To remove the residual yeast and impurity operation “removed”, which takes the bottles situated term inclined “desks” is inclined. The goal is to accumulate sediment at the edge of the cap. Traditionally this is done manually by turning each bottle daily one-eighth turn, while the inclination is increased, at present we are of the few wineries still perform this action manually.

When the bottle is “pointed” totally reversed, the process of “decapitation” is made. According to the traditional process, the bottle is uncapped letting out a small amount of foam. Today, this is done by freezing the neck of the bottle. To uncover the ice block neck shoots sediment trapped in it. lost fluid is replaced in the beheading with the so-called “expedition liqueur” which is sugar dissolved in wine or brandy. The amount of sugar containing cava determine the type of cava, our products do not put sugar added if not containing the natural wort and tirage liqueur.

Finally the characteristic natural cork, holding a muzzle of wire or metal clip is placed.

Depending on the amount of sugar that is added at the “expedition liqueur” the cava will be:

Brut Nature to 3 G, without being added.

– Extra Brut up to 6 g of sugar per liter.

Brut up to 12 G of sugar per liter.

– Extra dry between 12 and 17 grams per liter.

Dry between 17 and 32 grams per liter.

– Semiseco between 32 and 50 grams per liter.

– Semi-sweet and sweet more than 50 g per liter.


According parenting time, the cava, wine and champagne can be:

– Young of 9-15 months.

– Reservation of 15 to 30 months.

– Great save more than 30 months.

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